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About This Manual

This instruction book covers the model 6104, 6154, and 6156 Termaline RF


This instruction book is arranged so that the essential information in safety

appears in the front of the book. Reading the Safety Precautions section be-

fore operating the equipment is strongly advised.

The remainder of this Instruction Book is divided into Chapters and Sections.

At the beginning of each chapter, a general overview describes the contents of

that chapter.


First time users should read Chapter - 1 Introduction, Chapter 2 - Theory of

Operation, and Chapter 3 - Installation, to get an overview of equipment ca-

pabilities and installation. An experienced operator can refer to Chapter 4 -

Operating Instructions. All instructions necessary to operate equipment ap-

pear in this chapter.


All personnel should be familiar with preventative maintenance found in

Chapter 5 - Maintenance. If a failure should occur, the troubleshooting sec-

tion will aid in isolating and repairing the failure.


For location of major assemblies or parts, refer to the parts lists and associ-

ated drawings in Chapter 5.

Changes To This Manual

We have made every effort to ensure this manual is accurate. If you should

discover any errors or if you have suggestions for improving this manual,

please send your comments for our factory. This manual may be periodically

updated. When inquiring about updates to this manual refer to the part

number and revision level on the title page.


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