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Pagina 27: Meter replacement

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3. Disconnect the dc plug from the volt-

meter block.

4. Place the load in a vertical position

with the voltmeter up.

5. Loosen the 8-32 x 1 inch screw from

the clamping band and remove the

clamping band.

6. Lift the resistor voltmeter assembly

out of the radiator. Allow the coolant

to drain off before removing the as-

sembly from the unit..

7. Inspect the O-Ring seal. Do not reuse

if it is no longer pliable or shows signs

of surface cracks.

8. Inspect the coolant; if it appears to be

contaminated replace it.

9. Reverse the above procedure to re-

place the assembly.



To replace a faulty diaphragm use the following procedure.

1. Stand the wattmeter vertically, with

the back end up.

2. Loosen the clamp screw until the

clamping band is released.

3. Remove the diaphragm cap and care-

fully lift the diaphragm from the back

end of the radiator tank.

4. Reverse the above procedure to assem-

ble the unit.


Note: The coolant level should be about one

inch below the top of the radiator cylinder. The

coolant should be a clear to a light yellow color.

If it is not, it may be contaminated and should

be replaced.



The microammeter is shock mounted in its housing. Do not

attempt to repair the meter if it fails. Follow the procedure

below to replace it.

1. Remove the meter case from the load.



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