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Safety Precautions

General Safety Statements

The following are general safety precautions that are not necessarily related

to any specific part or procedure, and do not necessarily appear elsewhere in

this publication. These precautions must be thoroughly understood, and ap-

ply to all phases of operation and maintenance.

Keep Away From Live Circuits

Operating personnel must at all times observe general safety precautions. Do

not replace components inside equipment with the high voltage supply

turned on. To avoid casualties, always remove power.

Do Not Service Or Adjust Alone

Under no circumstances should any person reach into an enclosure for the

purpose of service or adjustment of equipment except in the presence of some-

one who is capable or rendering aid.

Safety Earth Ground

An uninterruptible earth ground must be supplied from the main power

source to test instruments. Grounding one conductor of a two conductor

power cable is not sufficient protection. Serious injury or death can occur if

this grounding is not properly supplied.

Shock Hazard

Do not attempt to disconnect an RF transmission line while RF power is pres-

ent. Radiated RF power is a potential health hazard.


Personnel working with or near high voltages should be familiar with modern

methods of resuscitation.

Safety Symbols


Warning notes call attention or a procedure, which if not performed

correctly, could result in personal injury.


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