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Pagina 28: Dc cable and plug service

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2. Remove the dc cable and terminal

strip from the meter by loosening the

two 8-32 hex nuts on the meter termi-


3. Place the meter face down on a smooth

clean surface.

4. Press down evenly on the retainer

ring. While pressing the retainer ring,

unscrew the two 10-32 flat head ma-

chine screws on the sides of the meter



Note: There is one screw on each side.

5. Remove the meter with the retainer

ring and sponge rubber strips.

6. To install a new meter, reverse the

above procedure.



While performing the following procedure, refer to figure 5.

1. Remove the terminal board as de-

scribed in the Meter Replacement


2. Unsolder the switch leads from the

terminal board. Do not overheat the

shunt resistor.

3. Remove the toggle switch by unscrew-

ing the 15/32-32 face nut.

4. Reverse the preceding procedure to re-

place the switch.

DC Cable

and Plug


1. Remove the cable from the plug by un-

screwing the bushing and pulling the

cable out. The center conductor of the

cable makes snug contact between the

turns of the coil spring when assem-



Bird Model 6104/54/56 Termaline Wattmeter

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