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Chapter 1


Purpose and


This instruction book is intended for use by operators of the

Models 6104, 6154 and 6156 Termaline Wattmeters. These

wattmeters measure RF power under nonradiating condi-

tions. They provide a practically reflectionless, 50 ohm, line

termination for up to 1000 MHz. Refer to the Specifications

section for individual unit specifications.

The Models 6104, 6154, and 6156 Wattmeters are intended

for general field and laboratory use on CW, AM and FM

modulation envelopes.


The Termaline Wattmeter consists of an RF coaxial load, dc

cable, meter, crystal diode, and the housing.

The load is comprised of an RF coaxial load resistor assem-

bly encased in a finned radiator. A voltmeter is mounted to

the radiator. A 3-1/2 foot coaxial cable, RG-58/U, connects

the resistor voltmeter assembly to the meter. The meter is

sealed and shock mounted on its housing.

A crystal diode is furnished with the wattmeter. The diode

is housed in the resistor-voltmeter assembly.

Power input is measured by a four range crystal voltmeter

indicating directly in watts. Flipping the toggle switch de-

termines the scale. Each scale has two ranges which are se-

lected by plugging the crystal diode into the proper socket.

The fully assembled unit is shown in figure 1.


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